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One of over forty local Fire Safe Councils working to educate local residents and promote safe practices for community wildfires.

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San Diego County

The Fire Safe Council of San Diego County helps residents protect their families and homes from wildfire. Through our programs and services we foster fire prevention and safety throughout the county, while encouraging community involvement. Learn what you can do before, during, and after a wildfire to stay fire safe and fire wise. 

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The FSC of SD County brings together community FSCs, local, state, and federal fire agencies, and other stakeholders. By working together across the County, we can utilize our combined experience, expertise, and common objectives to ensure our homes, businesses and communities are well-protected from the threats of wildfire.

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California’s leader in community wildfire risk reduction and resiliency.

When it comes to wildfire, no single person alone can protect a community. Residents throughout California are joining forces to create local Fire Safe Councils to effectively reduce and prevent wildfire losses.

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Fire Safe Councils create a powerful group initiative

Many Fire Safe Councils have successfully implemented such projects as hazardous-fuel-reduction projects, Community Wildfire Protection Planning, and homeowner training.

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